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Node.js Question

How to find the type of content inside req.body?

As per the type of body can be of either type:

  1. ArrayBuffer

  2. Blob

  3. formData

  4. JSON

  5. text

Is there a way for the receiving side to know what type it is? The reason I ask is since I am getting a POST message from a 3rd party where the req.body is empty."Headers: ", req.headers); // shows headers
console.log("Data: ", req.body); // shows nothing

However, after further inspection, it seems that I need to process the data as follows (since its using ReadableStream):

req.on('data', function (chunk) {
data += chunk;

req.on('end', function () {
var messageData = JSON.parse(data);
console.log("Data: ", messageData); //shows data

Answer Source

You could do it yourself but most people use express and the Body Parser library to avoid having loads of boilerplate code to do the parsing for them.

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