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Angularjs value not updating

I know similar questions have been asked but they don't apply to my case. I have defined some variables in my controller and display their values in a panel. My controller related to the part is like this:

var vm = this;
vm.wellId = "id";
vm.wellSeq = "sequence";
vm.onWellSelected = onWellSelected;
function onWellSelected(wells) {
vm.wellId = wells[0]["id"];
vm.wellSeq = wells[0]["sequence"];

and my html component is like this:

<div plate id="plate-layout"
<ul class="list-group" style="width: 400px; overflow: auto">
<li class="list-group-item">{{vm.wellId}}</li>
<li class="list-group-item">{{vm.wellSeq}}</li>

I checked the source and set break points in the function onWellSelected: vm.wellId and vm.wellSeq are indeed changed to the correct values after the operation, but the new value cannot be displayed. The definition of plate involves quite a number of other js files so not easy to show here, but plate itself is a directive, with support from two services. What could be the reasons? Thanks!

Answer Source

Sorry I'm new to Angular so took me a while to find this:


Put it after the modification part and then the value is updated on the page.


Just a follow-up: if use this: $scope.$apply() or $scope.$digest(), then I'll get this error: $digest already in progress; but if I remove it, the value won't get updated. So I refer to this post here: Prevent Error, and now it's working fine without the error message. Hope this can help those facing the same issue.

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