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Store most informative features from NLTK NaiveBayesClassifier in a list

i am trying this Naive Bayes Classifier in python:

classifier = nltk.NaiveBayesClassifier.train(train_set)
print "Naive Bayes Accuracy " + str(nltk.classify.accuracy(classifier, test_set)*100)

i have the following output:

Console Output

It is clearly visible which words appear more in "important" and which in "spam" category.. But I can't work with these values.. I actually want a list that looks like this:


I am new to python and having a hard time figuring all these out, can anyone help ? I will be very thankful.

Answer Source

You could slightly modify the source code of show_most_informative_features to suit your purpose.

The first element of the sub-list corresponds to the most informative feature name while the second element corresponds to it's label (more specifically the label associated with numerator term of the ratio).

helper function:

def show_most_informative_features_in_list(classifier, n=10):
    Return a nested list of the "most informative" features 
    used by the classifier along with it's predominant labels
    cpdist = classifier._feature_probdist       # probability distribution for feature values given labels
    feature_list = []
    for (fname, fval) in classifier.most_informative_features(n):
        def labelprob(l):
            return cpdist[l, fname].prob(fval)
        labels = sorted([l for l in classifier._labels if fval in cpdist[l, fname].samples()], 
        feature_list.append([fname, labels[-1]])
    return feature_list

Testing this on a classifier trained over the positive/negative movie review corpus of nltk:

show_most_informative_features_in_list(classifier, 10)


[['outstanding', 'pos'],
 ['ludicrous', 'neg'],
 ['avoids', 'pos'],
 ['astounding', 'pos'],
 ['idiotic', 'neg'],
 ['atrocious', 'neg'],
 ['offbeat', 'pos'],
 ['fascination', 'pos'],
 ['symbol', 'pos'],
 ['animators', 'pos']]
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