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C# Question

Using System.IO in UWP apps?

is it possible/allowed to use

in UWP apps? I thought to know that I'm not supposed to use it since in UWP, files are stored as

Now I want to provide methods to zip files in UWP. I've tried solving it following this thread. To use this solution, I would need to use
. I didn't even test if this solution works because I am confused right now. I've been working on an UWP app for a bit longer than a month now and I'm pretty sure that I'm not supposed to use
in UWP apps.

Am I missing a point here? Can we use
in UWP?

Answer Source

There's an entire MSDN page dedicated to this subject: System.IO namespaces for UWP apps.

The System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive class which this question appears to be about is supported for UWP since Windows 8.

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