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ImageProcessor - Resize to a specified width (automatic height)

I'm using the ImageProcessor library in my App.

I'm using this code in order to resize to a given specific dimensions ( width+height) :

public static byte[] ResizeImage(byte[] inputFileBytes, int w, int h, ResizeMode resizeMode)
byte[] photoBytes = inputFileBytes;

ISupportedImageFormat format = new JpegFormat { Quality = 70, IsIndexed = false };
Size size = new Size(w, h);
using (MemoryStream inStream = new MemoryStream(photoBytes))
using (MemoryStream outStream = new MemoryStream())

using (ImageFactory imageFactory = new ImageFactory(preserveExifData: false))
var r = new ResizeLayer(size, resizeMode);


return outStream.ToArray();

I invoke it via (This is a crop example ):

byte[] servedImage = ResizeImage(byteArray,[...imgWidth...],

This all works good.

But now I need to resize the image to a specific
— And I want the height to be proportional.

I already know that the Resize method has an overload :

public ImageFactory Resize(Size size)

But I only have the
in the
param ( I want the height to be calculated automatically)


How can I resize an Image (
)to a specific
, maintaining the aspect ration using ImageProcessor ?

Answer Source

Set the ResizeMode according to the cropping / stretching behavior you are trying to achieve. The library is designed to accommodate for differences in aspect ratio automatically depending on the chosen value for ResizeMode.

If you want to have the height auto-calculated, pass a 0 for the Height in the Size.

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