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Using observables in an Angular 2 template with *ngFor

I am unable to access a property of an object provided by the async pipe if I build the access chain using *ngFor.

In the example below, suppose that

in the test line and the
two lines beneath represent the same key on the same object. The test line will evaluate to true, but the checked property does not. Why? How do I access the propery when stamping these out with *ngFor?

For example, if
{{(compModel | async)?.Parking?.Garage}} === true
I would expect
{{(compModel | async)?.[filter.propName].instance}} === true
as well, but this isn't the case.

The syntax below doesn't work. I'm using it to demonstrate intended functionality.

<div *ngFor="let filter of filters | async">
<fieldset class="filter-category-title">
<label *ngFor="let instance of filter.options">
test: {{(compModel | async)?.Parking.instance}}
<input type="checkbox"
checked={{(compModel | async)?.[filter.propName].instance}}
(click)="amenityEmit({category: filter.propName, filter: instance, resetCategory: false})">

The filter data I get from the server in the format below. I use this to build a comparison model, also below, which is how I manage the state of my search results page. (
[key: string]
is always a propName from a Filter).

export interface Filter {
base: boolean,
filter: string,
propName: string,
unionType: string,
inputType: string,
options: {
options: string[],
sectionTitle: string
}[] | string[]

compModel interface:

export interface CompModel {
[key: string]: {
touched: boolean
unionType: string,
options: {
options: string[],
sectionTitle: string
}[] | string[],
updateSelf(x: CompModel, y: Action): void

Answer Source

The safe-navigation operator ?. does not work with []. There is no ?[] operator and also no ?.[] or .[] operator, therefore this can't work.

You can try

{{(compModel | async) && (compModel | async)[filter.propName].instance}} === true

otherwise you'll need to move some code to the components class

for example

this.compModel = someService.getSomeObservable()
.filter(val => !!val)

to ensure there are no null values

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