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Swift 3 / Why does the snapshot from snapshotView appears blank in iPhone 7 Plus Simulator?

I'm using the following code to create a custom Menu transition. I have spent the last two hours trying to figure out, why the snapshot appears blank (using the iPhone 7 Plus simulator only). But when I wanted to create a video to make it into a gif for this thread, it worked on my iPhone 6S Plus.

Update: Works on iPhone 6S Simulator as well. But still not in 7 Plus.

import UIKit

class PresentMenuAnimator : NSObject {

extension PresentMenuAnimator : UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning {
func transitionDuration(using transitionContext: UIViewControllerContextTransitioning?) -> TimeInterval {
return 0.6

func animateTransition(using transitionContext: UIViewControllerContextTransitioning) {

let fromVC = transitionContext.viewController(forKey: UITransitionContextViewControllerKey.from)
let toVC = transitionContext.viewController(forKey: UITransitionContextViewControllerKey.to)
let containerView = transitionContext.containerView
containerView.insertSubview((toVC?.view)!, belowSubview: (fromVC?.view)!)

// replace main view with snapshot
let snapshot = fromVC?.view.snapshotView(afterScreenUpdates: false)
snapshot?.tag = MenuHelper.snapshotNumber
snapshot?.isUserInteractionEnabled = false
snapshot?.layer.shadowOpacity = 0.7
containerView.insertSubview(snapshot!, aboveSubview: (toVC?.view)!)
fromVC?.view.isHidden = true

withDuration: transitionDuration(using: transitionContext),
animations: {
snapshot!.center.x += UIScreen.main.bounds.width * MenuHelper.menuWidth
completion: { _ in
fromVC?.view.isHidden = false

iPhone 6S Plus (physical device) iOS 10

enter image description here

iPhone 7 Plus (simulator) iOS 10

enter image description here

enter image description here

Why is the snapshot on the simulator blank?

GitHub test project


Add this UIView extension,

public extension UIView {
    public func snapshotImage() -> UIImage? {
        UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(bounds.size, isOpaque, 0)
        drawHierarchy(in: bounds, afterScreenUpdates: false)
        let snapshotImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext()
        return snapshotImage

    public func snapshotView() -> UIView? {
        if let snapshotImage = snapshotImage() {
            return UIImageView(image: snapshotImage)
        } else {
            return nil

Update your following code,

let snapshot = fromVC?.view.snapshotView(afterScreenUpdates: false)


let snapshot = fromVC?.view.snapshotView()