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Resolve PhpStorm magic method and property warning using PHPDoc @property and @method for $this->stdout->styles

I'm trying to resolve

"Field 'stdout' not found in ..."


"Method ... not found in array"

warning using PHPDocumentor notations
on PhpStorm

enter image description here

I was able to resolve the warning for stdout using:

* @property array stdout

enter image description here

But now how do you resolve the
Method 'styles' not found in array
warning? (See screenshot above)

I made up this code to demonstrate what I'm trying to achieve:

* @method array $stdout->styles(array $name, array $items)

This is a CakePhp 2 project using CakePhp's Command Shell.

is declared in the framework.

For more context this is what my code looks like:

class InvoiceShell extends AppShell {
public $uses = array('Invoice', 'Request');

public function main() {

$this->stdout->styles('success', ['text' => 'green']);
$this->stdout->styles('danger', ['text' => 'red']);
$this->stdout->styles('bold', ['bold' => true]);


Answer Source

You need to tell PHPDoc/PhpStorm the correct type for stdout by replacing array with ConsoleOutput in your @property declaration.

 * My cool class is cool.
 * @property ConsoleOutput $stdout

In cases where the object is a generic container with its own magic accessors, you can declare an interface solely for code completion by PhpStorm. Simply declare it in a file located in one of the Sources folders for your project.

 * @method mixed styles(string, mixed)
 * @method ...
interface FakeForCodeCompletion { }

Then reference FakeForCodeCompletion (preferably a descriptive name) in your class using @property as if it were a real class/interface.

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