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Javascript Question

Major Ticks and Minor Ticks using Dygraphs

I am working with Dygraphs. I need to have a graph with a background of a grid that has major ticks in dark blue color and minor ticks in light blue color. There should be 1 major tick after every 4 minor ticks. I am looking for an effect similar to the picture shown below.

enter image description here

Picture courtsey :Stack overflow

I have spent a lot of time but have not been able to understand how to do it. Any lead in this direction is appreciated.

Answer Source

You could try using an underlayCallback. Something like:

var g = new Dygraph(div, data,
      underlayCallback: function(canvas, area, g) {
        for (const tick of majorTicks) {
          const x = g.toDomCoordsX(tick);
          canvas.fillRect(x, area.y, x, area.h);
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