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HTML Question

Remove hashtag(#) from url

I want hash-tags to be removed from URL after they are used.
For example, when i click on the link below:

<a href="#btnq1"><button type="button" name="" value="" id="btnq1">Just a button</button></a>

I want the hash-tag #btnq1 that appears to the URL of the page to be removed just after the action on this link happens.
I tried the below jquery code with no success:

// your action

And even if this works, then how do i implement it to work for every hash tag that is added to the URL?
I would like to solve it using javascript.

Answer Source

You could try that:

$(window).on('hashchange', function(e){
    history.replaceState ("", document.title, e.originalEvent.oldURL);
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