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MySQL Question

query "not equal" doesn't work

I have very simple query like this:

SELECT * FROM `all_conversations` WHERE `deleted_1` != '1';

And my
be default is
or some user id, but for some reason this query always returns me 0 rows, i also tried
but still no luck what could be wrong?

EDTI So after running more querys i find out that my problems was default value of
field, it was
so i modified my query and now it works fine:

FROM `all_conversations`
WHERE `deleted_1` != 'NULL'
AND `deleted_1` != 23

Answer Source
SELECT * FROM all_conversations WHERE deleted_1 <> 1 OR deleted_1 IS NULL

NULL values need special treatment:

I'd suggest using the diamond operator (<>) in favor of != as the first one is valid SQL and the second one is a MySQL addition.

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