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Java Question

Nth output sum of (N-2)th and (N-1)th

I cannot figure this question out no matter what i try, i may just be over thinking it, can i get a little help? Ive already tried a variety of different for loops and I can;t figure out how to get these values

for(int a = 1; a<1000; a++)

I want to make it so the it states a+b but i dont think thats possible

The following code is famous as Fibonacci, in which the Nth output is the sum of (N-
2)th and (N-1)th values. Write the for-expression to do the same task.

int a=1, b=1;
while (a < 10000 ){
System.out.print(a+" "+b+" ");

Answer Source

Converting the while loop into a for loop, it would be:

for (int a=1, int b=1; a < 10000; b+=a+=b ){ 
   System.out.print(a+" "+b+" "); 
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