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DLL functions not exported when build in release configuration

In my C++ DLL project, when I build the project in Debug configuration, it works perfectly.

Functions are exported using a .def file:

LIBRARY "calc"
findMaxFreqEXL = findMaxFreq
findMinSpeedEXL = calcMinSpeed
findMaxSpeedEXL = calcMaxSpeed
createProfileEXL = createProfile
arrayTestEXL = arrayTest
setLimitsEXL = setLimits

And those functions are all defined in my project as:

double _stdcall findMaxFreq(double &dCutLength, double &dCutTime, double &dSealTime, double &dCutSpeed, double &dDoughHeight, double* limitArray)
Calc *calcObj = new Calc();
calcObj->setLimits((int)limitArray[0], (int)limitArray[1], (int)limitArray[2], (int)limitArray[3], limitArray[4], limitArray[5], (int)limitArray[6], (int)limitArray[7], (int)limitArray[8], (int)limitArray[9], (int)limitArray[10]);
double maxFreq = calcObj->calcMaxFreq((float) dCutLength, (float) dCutTime, (float) dSealTime, (float) dCutSpeed, (float) dDoughHeight);

//delete calcObj;
return maxFreq;

And so on for the rest of the functions.

The generated DLL file is 192 kb in size, and according to dumpbin, these are the exported functions:

Dump of file C:\Redacted\Debug\calcDLL.dll

File Type: DLL

Section contains the following exports for calc.dll

00000000 characteristics
57B17EE6 time date stamp Mon Aug 15 10:35:50 2016
0.00 version
1 ordinal base
6 number of functions
6 number of names

ordinal hint RVA name

1 0 00013339 arrayTestEXL = @ILT+820(?arrayTest@@YGHPAN@Z)
2 1 00013460 createProfileEXL = @ILT+1115(?createProfile@@YGHAAN00000PAN11@Z)
3 2 000138E8 findMaxFreqEXL = @ILT+2275(?findMaxFreq@@YGNAAN0000PAN@Z)
4 3 00013744 findMaxSpeedEXL = @ILT+1855(?calcMaxSpeed@@YGNAAN00@Z)

5 4 00013500 findMinSpeedEXL = @ILT+1275(?calcMinSpeed@@YGNAAN00@Z)

6 5 000134F6 setLimitsEXL = @ILT+1265(?setLimits@Calc@@QAEXHHHHHHHHHHH@Z)


1000 .data
2000 .idata
5000 .rdata
2000 .reloc
1000 .rsrc
28000 .text
12000 .textbss

In Release configuration the file is only 10 kb and dumpbin says this:

Dump of file C:\Redacted\Release\calcDLL.dll

File Type: DLL


1000 .data
1000 .rdata
1000 .reloc
1000 .rsrc
2000 .text

I use Visual Studio Express 2013. Any idea on what I am missing?

Answer Source

Evertything you show is sort of ok, so my guess is you just forgot to set the exports file in the project settings for the release configuration. Go to project properties->Linker->Input and set the Module Definition File.

Also: you have a memory leak because you don't delete calcObj. But actually there's no reason to use the heap here, just use Calc calcObj; on the stack. Also know that casting double to int is truncating, and have you thought of what will happen if the number is > 2^31 ?

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