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Is it possible to disable pylint missing docstring error for short functions and methods?

Pylint reports an error for every function and method (except

) that has no docstring.

This is generally desirable, so I don't want to disable it globally (in
, or at file level).

However, in my opinion, there are cases where a docstring is not necessary, and even harmful. For example:

def get_foo(self, foo_id):
"""Gets foo by its id.""""
return foos[foo_id]

This method is a simple getter that is completely described by its signature. Having to write a docstring is harmful in that it creates duplicate maintenance if the method is changed.

I'd like to be able to set (e.g. in
) something like
, to suppress missing docstring errors if the function or method is shorter than 3 lines of code. Is there any way to do that?

Answer Source

Using pylint 1.3.1 add a line to you pylintrc docstring-min-length=10 for example.

It is described in the generated pylintrc pylint --generate-rcfile file as

Minimum line length for functions/classes that require docstrings, shorter ones are exempt.

Documentation reference.