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Revert a specific commit from a merged branch that has already been pushed

I was just reading the post below and I had a question I was hoping someone would know the answer to.

How to revert a merge commit that's already pushed to remote branch?

So I know that I can completely revert a merge commit from my master by specifying its parent branch in the git revert -m command. My question is can I revert a single commit from that merged branch rather than the entire branch.

For example I branch from master to feature_1 branch. I make 14 commits on the feature_1 branch and merge back to my master, which I then push.

How would I go about removing commit 7 of the merged branch from the master while leaving the other 13 in the master. Hopefully its possible and thanks in advance for any replies or comments.

Answer Source

Step 1: Identify the <sha1> of the commit you'd like to revert.

Step 2: Do this on the master branch:

$ git revert <sha1>

That will create a new commit that revert the commit identified by <sha1>.

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