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iOS Question

set action for UIButton in customized UITableViewCell which has many other views

I read below posts:

How to set Action for UIButton in UITableViewCell

Add an action to a custom UITableViewCell

But all the solutions do not work for me. I am not sure what I missed;
I have a customized

which lives in a xib file, this cell contains a
, one
. I hope to when user click the UIButton, it will delete current item from the list, when user select the row, it will navigate to another page.

What I done : From the asked question above, I create a
and addTarget,then add the button into cell with
[cell.contentview addsubview:button]
, the button action can be triggered.

There are some other views, I hope to layout them in xib, then do not need layout with code.

So I create a button in the xib, and call setTarget for this button (outlet in my customized cell class), the button action can not be triggered.

Then I add a
in the xib as placeholder, and create a new button with code and add the button into the placeholder
, button action can not be triggered.

So it seems the way to make it work must be:

  1. Create a button with code;

  2. Add target, then add this button into cell's content view directly;

It seems pretty annoying since I don't want to layout views with code. Do I miss something?


First add one button in the contentView of UITableViewCell in the xib file and create the outlet in customCell. After that change your code of cellForRowAtIndex like this.

[cell.btn addTarget:self action:@selector(btnTap:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside];

After that create this btnTap method

- (void)btnTap:(UIButton*)sender {
     CustomCell *cell = (CustomCell*) [[sender superview] superview]; //If you have button inside another view you need to add superView on your hierarchy basis.
     NSIndexPath *indexPath = [self.tblFile indexPathForCell:cell];
     NSLog(@"Row you want to delete - %d",indexPath.row);

Hope this will help you.