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C# Question

How can I read a variable from c sharp into python?

I want to read variable from c sharp into python.

.cs file

class MyClass
string str = "Hello world";

.py file

fp = open(path, 'r').read()
#str = ???
print 'str: ' + str

When I run my python code, I want to get result:

str: Hello world

Answer Source

You can use a regex, and I strongly suggest using with to open your file since you could save some lines of code when closing your file.

import re
path = 'my_file.cs'
var_name = 'str'
with open(path) as f:
    for line in f:
        match ='{} = "(.*?)"'.format(var_name), line)
        if match:
            print('{}: {}'.format(var_name,


str: Hello world

In this case, I am assuming your file is in the same directory as your python file, but you can change the path variable if not.

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