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Error "The parameter redirect_uri is required"

i am using allauth app. but when i am trying to login using faceook than it is showing me a error The parameter redirect_url is required But i already given a redirect url to it.Error while logging in using facebook

Redirect uri

login code

<div style="position:absolute;left:420px;top:118px;height:400px;width:200px;" id="login">
<form method="POST" action="">
{% csrf_token %}
<label style="position:absolute;left:60px;top:50px;color:red;">Username</label>
<p style="position:absolute;left:160px;top:43px;">{{ form.username }}</p>

<label style="position:absolute;left:64px;top:111px;color:red;">Password</label>
<p style="position:absolute;left:160px;top:103px;">{{ form.password }}</p>

<input style="position:absolute;left:210px;top:163px;height:36px;width:80px;background-color: #c52d2f;border-radius: 6px;color:white;" type="Submit" value="Login"/>
<a style="position:absolute;left:64px;top:171px;font-size:15px;font-weight:800;" href="{% url 'new' %}">Reset Password</a>
<a href="{{ 198608780589573 }}&amp;scope={{ scope }}&amp;redirect_uri="{{ "" }}">Login using Facebook</a>

Answer Source

Try this code in a href tag :

<a href=";scope={{ scope }}&amp;redirect_uri=''">Login using Facebook</a>

You are using {{ }} curly brackets in a wrong way. If there is a Django variable,then only you should use {{ }},otherwise just double quotes are sufficient.

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