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Get the size of a text in TextView

I have a problem placing a textView at specified center's x and y coordinates.
Firstly, I tried to set the text in the textView, and to move the view with the width and the height of the view
from this link.

But it doesn't work, and I'd like to try something else.
I'd like to know if there is a method to get the size which a specified text will take in my textView?
I mean, I know the text and the textSize, how can I get the width and the height my textView will take?

Something like the method

for those who know iPhone dev.

Answer Source

If your textview is called TV

TV.measure(0, 0);       //must call measure!
TV.getMeasuredHeight(); //get height
TV.getMeasuredWidth();  //get width

More on this (updated): How to get width/height of a View

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