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How to get base URL of an MVC application using javascript

How do I get the base URL using javascript?

E.g., When I browse my site from visual studio, and if my URL is

, I would want to get

If I host my site on IIS, and if my virtual directory name is MyApp and the URL is
, I would want to get

I tried using
), they work fine when i browse my site via visual studio, but when I host it on IIS, I get
, the /MyApp is truncated off.

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You should avoid doing such detection in JavaScript and instead pass the value from the .NET code. You will always risk running into problems with urls like http://server/MyApp/MyApp/action where you cannot know which is the name of a controller and which the path to the application.

In your Layout.cshtml file (or wherever you need it) add the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.applicationBaseUrl = @Html.Raw(HttpUtility.JavaScriptStringEncode(Url.Content("~/"), true));
    alert(window.applicationBaseUrl + "asd.html");

    // if you need to include host and port in the url, use this:
    window.applicationBaseUrl = @Html.Raw(HttpUtility.JavaScriptStringEncode(
        new Uri(
                   new Uri(this.Context.Request.Url.GetLeftPart(UriPartial.Authority)),
               ).ToString(), true));
    alert(window.applicationBaseUrl + "asd.html");

The new Uri() part is needed so that the URL is always combined correctly (without manually checking if each part starts or ends with / symbol).

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