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C Question

printf and long double

I am using the latest gcc with Netbeans on Windows. Why doesn't

long double
work? Is the


#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
float aboat = 32000.0;
double abet = 5.32e-5;
long double dip = 5.32e-5;

printf("%f can be written %e\n", aboat, aboat);
printf("%f can be written %e\n", abet, abet);
printf("%lf can be written %le\n", dip, dip);

return 0;


32000.000000 can be written 3.200000e+004
0.000053 can be written 5.320000e-005
can be written 2.725000e+002
Press [Enter] to close the terminal ...

Answer Source

In addition to the wrong modifier, which port of gcc to Windows? mingw uses the Microsoft C library and I seem to remember that that this library has no support for 80bits long double (microsoft C compiler use 64 bits long double for various reasons).

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