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How have dynamic class names in LESS CSS and use them as values in function

I want generate flexible color classes for another class like this without writing all of them on LESS as variables:




maybe something like this? but compiler say error:

NameError: variable @colorNameOrHexaCode is undefined

.color-@{colorNameOrHexaCode} {

color: rgb(@colorNameOrHexaCode);


I'm not sure how make loop or function for this, sorry.

Answer Source

You have to create a list of colors first before creating a loop:

.make-classes(@prefix, @list) {
    .iter(@i) when (@i > 0) {
        .iter(@i - 1);
        @pair:  extract(@list, @i); 
        @key: extract(@pair, 1);
        @value: extract(@pair, 2); 
        .@{prefix}.color-@{key} {
            color: @value;  

    ~'blue' #7FB3D4,
    ~'gray' #767676,
    ~'green' #8CC079,
    ~'red' #b35d5d;

.make-classes(link, @colors);


.link.color-blue {
  color: #7fb3d4;
.link.color-gray {
  color: #767676;
.link.color-green {
  color: #8cc079;
.link.color-red {
  color: #b35d5d;
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