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Classloaders hierarchy in Java 9

As of Java-8, I know the hierarchy of the classloaders has been as follows:-

Bootstrap classloader -> Extension classloader -> Application classloader

What is the change in the hierarchy of classloaders in Java 9 and how does it works?

Answer Source

The ClassLoader as revised in Java-9 states that:

The Java run-time has the following built-in class loaders:

  • Bootstrap class loader: The virtual machine's built-in class loader typically represented as null, and does not have a parent.

  • Platform class loader: To allow for upgrading/overriding of modules defined to the platform class loader, and where upgraded modules read modules defined to class loaders other than the platform class loader and its ancestors, then the platform class loader may have to delegate to other class loaders, the application class loader for example. In other words, classes in named modules defined to class loaders other than the platform class loader and its ancestors may be visible to the platform class loader.

  • System class loader: It is also known as application class loader and is distinct from the platform class loader. The system class loader is typically used to define classes on the application class path, module path, and JDK-specific tools. The platform class loader is a parent or an ancestor of the system class loader that all platform classes are visible to it.

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