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C# Question

Can't locate Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word in Reference List

I was given this solution to a problem I had, since I didn't know how to integrate MS Word with C#:

I looked into this solution, and I can't locate

in the reference list. I can't find it under COM Objects either. What am I missing? I am using Visual Studio Express 2012.


The answer to this question is that you HAVE to install MS Office on your computer.

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you might need to install the assemblies separately,if you did not choose to install them during your office installation.


You must install the Microsoft Office primary interop assemblies (PIAs) in the global assembly cache of your development computer before you can perform certain development tasks. Typically, the PIAs are installed automatically when you install Office on the development computer. However, in some cases you might need to install the PIAs separately.

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