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How do i eagerly initialize beans per tenant?

I'm trying to write a multi-tenant Spring Boot application but having trouble to eager initialize beans when the server starts (i.e. not lazily once the tenant requests the bean)

To support multi-tenancy, i created a

annotation that creates objects based on a ThreadLocal String value.

My configuration provides a bean like this and lazily initializes it:

private AutowireCapableBeanFactory beanFactory;

public Scheduler getScheduler() {
CreateDefaults job = factory.createBean(CreateDefaults.class));
Scheduler scheduler = new Scheduler();
return scheduler;

public void init() {

When starting the server, two Schedulers should be created, each of which would execute their own instance of "Create Defaults".
When tenants access the application themselves, they should be getting their own instance of this Scheduler.
This seems to work but i wonder whether this is the correct way of doing things.
In particular, i am worried about the fact that the beanFactory isn't scoped itself.

Would this approach work and scale for more complex systems?

Answer Source

My code sample was actually correct. The Beanfactory doesn't need to be scoped itself, it just has to be made aware of the scope, which in my case can be achieved in the configuration:

public static CustomScopeConfigurer customScope() {
    CustomScopeConfigurer configurer = new CustomScopeConfigurer();
    configurer.addScope(CustomerScope.CUSTOMER_SCOPE_NAME, new CustomerScope()); 
    return configurer;
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