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Is there any better way to find nth derivative of a function in C?

I want to write a subroutine that calculates the nth derivative of a function given by the subroutine of the form:

double func(double x)
// a mathematical expression representing a smooth curve
//returns the value of the function at x

i wrote the following subroutine:

double nthderive(double (*f)(double),double x0,int n)
const double delta=1.0e-8;
double x1=x0 - delta;
double x2=x0 + delta;
if(n==0) {
return f(x0);
else {
return (nthderive(f,x2,n-1)-nthderive(f,x1,n-1))/(2*delta);

Can someone suggest a better algorithm for finding the nth derivative?

Answer Source

Not counting the numerical instability issue, that makes adjustment of Delta difficult and precludes the use for high order derivatives (say n > 3 !), the recursive solution is pretty inefficient, as it takes 2^n function evaluations, where n+1 are enough.

Indeed, you compute

f' = f(+1) - f(-1)
f'' = f'(+1) - f'(-1) = f(+2) - f(0) - f(0) + f(-2)
f''' = f''(+1) - f''(-1) = f(+3) - f(+1) - f(+1) + f(-1) - f(+1) + f(-1) + f(-1) - f(-3)

when the Binomial formula tells you

f' = f(+1) - f(-1)
f'' = f(+2) - 2f(0) + f(-2)
f''' = f(+3) - 3f(+1) + 3f(-1) - f(-3)
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