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How to get Image (obj) from ImageIcon

I am trying to give my interface a new function, but I have encountered some obstacles. I want to enlarge image on JLabel when mouseEnters.
Here is how my JLabels looks:

int sacle = 50 //Size of my JLabel Icon
int zoom = 10 // How much the icon should enlarge
imageIcon = new ImageIcon(new ImageIcon(myClass.class.getResource(Picture))
.getImage().getScaledInstance(scale, scale, Image.SCALE_SMOOTH));
JLabel stackIsGreat = new JLabel();
//and I add multiple of such JLabels`

And the code goes on and on. I wanted to creat a function and add it to mouseListener, so all will behave the same. I wanted to achive that with:

//inside external method
activeLabel = (javax.swing.JLabel)(e.getSource());
ImageIcon temp = (ImageIcon) activeLabel.getIcon();

But there is no way I know I could get use of this, because java says I need Image to create my enlarged ImageIcon

ImageIcon enlarged = new ImageIcon((Image).getScaledInstance(scale + zoom, scale + zoom, Image.SCALE_SMOOTH))

How can I retrive the image used to crate the JLabel from code.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

I want to enlarge image on JLabel when mouseEnters.

Instead of creating your own MouseListener you could use a JButton to give you the rollover effect:

Something like:

JButton button = new JButton(...);
button.setBorderPainted( false );
ImageIcon icon = (ImageIcon)button.getIcon();
Image image = icon.getImage();
Image scaled = image.getScaledImage(...);
button.setRolloverIcon( new ImageIcon( scaled ) );
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