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Laravel: how to add where clause using query builder?

I have this query, made using Laravel query builder:

$rows = DB::table('elements')->where('type', 1);

That corresponds to: "SELECT * from elements WHERE type=1"

Now, in some cases I need to add a second Where to create a query like this:

SELECT * from elements WHERE type=1 AND lang='EN'

Using classic
I'd do something like:

$sql = 'SELECT * from elements WHERE type=1';

if($var==true) $sql .= " AND lang='EN'";

How can I do that using Laravel Query Builder?

Thank you.

Answer Source

You may try something like this

$query =  DB::table('elements');
$query->where('some_field', 'some_value');

// Conditionally add another where
if($type) $query->where('type', 1);

// Conditionally add another where
if($lang) $query->where('lang', 'EN');

$rows = $query->get();

Also, check this answer.

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