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jQuery Question

Typescript equivalent of $.isEmptyObject({}) for empty object

May I know what is the formal way of testing an Object (response from server), if it is an empty object?

Currently, my way of doing is utilising jQuery., data, {headers: headers}).then(
result =>
if (!$.isEmptyObject(result)) {
-- run code here --
-- log warning --

I dun think this is orthodox and would like to find a method that uses typescript only.


Answer Source

Here's jquery's 2.1 implementation which should also work in TypeScript:

isEmptyObject: function( obj ) {
    var name;
    for ( name in obj ) {
        return false;
    return true;

As you can see, it just tests to see if there are any enumerable properties. You could also do Object.keys(obj).length === 0.

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