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maping to a subroutine that accepts multiple argument

am trying to map an array to a subroutine that accept 2 argument, i tried using php array_map concept but didn't work out:

sub m {
my ($n, $m) = @_;
return("The number $n is called $m in Spanish");

sub new_map {
my (@argument) = @_;
my @arg = @argument;

@array = map(m($_, $_), @{ $arg[0] }, @{ $arg[1]});

my @arr1 = (1, 2, 3);
my @arr2 = ("uno", "dos");
new_map(\@arr1, \@arr2);

#The number 1 is called 1 in Spanish INSTEAD OF 'The number 1 is called uno in Spanish'
#The number 2 is called 2 in Spanish INSTEAD OF 'The number 1 is called dos in Spanish'

Is there a way to accomplish this.

Answer Source

Parentheses don't create lists or arrays in perl; nested parentheses just flatten out into a single list; you would need to do this:

@array = map( &m(@$_), [ 1, 2 ], [ 'uno', 'dos' ] );

Or this:

use List::Util 1.29 'pairmap';
@array = pairmap { &m($a, $b) } (1, 2, 'uno', 'dos');

Don't name subroutines m; that conflicts when the m match operator. (Though you can still call such a subroutine using &, it is better not to.)

Your updated code that uses new_map could be done like so:

use Algorithm::Loops 'MapCarMin';

my @arr1 = (1, 2, 3);
my @arr2 = ("uno", "dos");
@array = MapCarMin \&m, \@arr1, \@arr2;
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