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upload image from local into tinyMCE

tinyMCE has an insert image button, but how to handle its functionality
pls give some code

Answer Source

Din't try iManager but found tinyFCK good and easy to configure which gives CKEditor's filemanager integrated with TinyMCE

1.Download TinyFCK

2.replace filemanger folder in tinyFCK with filemanager folder of ur CKEditor

3.code :


 theme : "advanced",
   file_browser_callback : "fileBrowserCallBack",
  function fileBrowserCallBack(field_name, url, type, win) {
  var connector = "../../filemanager/browser.html?Connector=connectors/php/connector.php";
  var enableAutoTypeSelection = true;
  var cType;
  tinyfck_field = field_name;
  tinyfck = win;
  switch (type) {
  case "image":
  cType = "Image";
  case "flash":
  cType = "Flash";
  case "file":
  cType = "File";
  if (enableAutoTypeSelection && cType) {
  connector += "?Type=" + cType;
  window.open(connector, "tinyfck", "modal,width=600,height=400");
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