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Git Question

How do I enable auto-complete for a git-flow alias?

This is breaking

alias f='git flow feature'
complete -F __git_flow_feature f

It works eventually (after 2 'tabs') but throws an error on each 'tab' press.

-bash: [: 1: unary operator expected

Any ideas?

Answer Source

It works for me, when I do:

  1. wget
  2. source git-flow.bash
  3. alias f='git flow feature'
  4. complete -F __git_flow_feature f
  5. f tabtab

Anyhow, the most common reason for the "[: 1: unary operator expected" error is that you have in the shell script code like:

if [ 1 = $MYVAL ] 

and your MYVAL is not set. Inspect your completion functions. You can add set -x to debug it.

Usually the easiest solution is to quote the variable so the operator will get the empty argument, but will have correct number of arguments:

if [ 1 = "$MYVAL" ] 
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