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Is there any way to use apple's Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) on iOS Simulator?

I am working on an app which would require Touch ID Authentication, so is there any way i can use Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) in the simulator ?

Also, please do share some kind of example code for using LocalAuthentication framework.

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As of the latest beta (6) there is no way to simulate a fingerprint scan on the simulator. To be honest I doubt this will be included even in later betas.

You will need to test on device.

To use the Authentication framework right now you need: * XCode 6 * iPhone 5s with iOS 8

The steps you need to perform are:

Find out whether the device supports fingerprint validation and whether a fingerprint is enrolled:

@import LocalAuthentication;

// Get the local authentication context:
LAContext *context = [[LAContext alloc] init];

// Test if fingerprint authentication is available on the device and a fingerprint has been enrolled.
if ([context canEvaluatePolicy: LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics error:nil])
    NSLog(@"Fingerprint authentication available.");

Validate a fingerprint only:

[context evaluatePolicy:LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics localizedReason:@"Authenticate for server login" reply:^(BOOL success, NSError *authenticationError){
    if (success) {
        NSLog(@"Fingerprint validated.");
    else {
        NSLog(@"Fingerprint validation failed: %@.", authenticationError.localizedDescription);

Validate a fingerprint or the device’s passcode depending on the user’s choice: This is a little beyond the scope of a question here, please find more information at:

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