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Nexus 10 - not visible to adb on Windows 7 or Linux

adb doesn't recognize my Nexus 10 on Windows 7. Here's what I've done:

  1. Installed the SDK and USB driver from Google. Windows 7 sees the tablet as an 'Android ADB Interface.'

  2. Put the tablet in developer mode by clicking on 'About tablet' and clicking the build number seven times

  3. Put the tablet in Camera (PTP) mode by going to Storage > USB Computer Connection.

  4. Started and restarted the tablet, my computer, and the adb server repeatedly.

None of this helps. When I run 'adb devices,' it gives me an empty list. What else can I do?


Answer Source

I had the same problem on Windows 7.

First make sure the Nexus 10 developer mode and USB debugging is on ( if you dont see developer options, tap on About Settings -> Tablet -> Build Number a several time and it should activate developer mode)

Check if your ADB driver is in good shape by going into the Device Manager. If not un-install the ADB device manager and re-install it by pointing Windows to Android SDK location (It should pick up the driver automatically).

Once it is installed and still it does not work. Go into Settings-> Storage -> USB Computer Connection and select PTP option. Reconnect tablet to the USB.

Hope it helps!.

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