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Android Studio, Watch Face On tap - show Canvas 2, hide canvas1

I'm new here so if I've failed to do something do tell me. Anyway.

I been learning to make wear apps, and heard that watch faces were a good place to start learning.

I've made the date appear and added time, showing battery so on and so forth. But then I wanted to handle touch events. Getting it to acknowledge a tap event I understand, but what I want it to do is on tap to hide the date and the show the time. And visa versa.

I know how to do it logical but don't know "HOW" To do it. If that makes sense, in LUA I would have to create a var and name it say "screen one" , and then change " opacity to -1 == screen one" on the date then "opacity to 100" for on tap to transition screen two. (this isn't exact code but I know what I mean) is it a similar thing in Java?


if (Canvas == canvas1) {

and resting that code into the tap handler? (not that exact code, because this doesn't register)

Or is it more like javascript? Setting up a function. And then In the tap handler having an "onclick" being called ?

SAY, In js it be:

function hide (elements) {
elements = elements.length ? elements : [elements];
for (var index = 0; index < elements.length; index++) {
elements[index].style.display = 'none';


Is what I'm suggesting possible? I don't see why not. Or am I just comming at it from wrong angle? My limited knowledge of Java means I'm not sure how to code it the way I want.

Incase there is any confusion. All I want to do is on tap show the time and hide the date. And if the date is showing hide date and then show time.

Any help be greatly appreciated

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Thank you for the people who edited my code. I managed to solve my problem my self. I was looking to far out so I thought about how I'd do it in LUA, and slaped my self.

It may not be correct way to do it but it works. I made a int called it screen and = to "1" The just made a simple if statement asking it was screen is equal to "1" change text color to transparent for date and change color of time to red, then set screen = "2" then else if do opposite.

It works :). Lol.

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