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How to use Typescript with native ES6 Promises

I'm a complete beginner to Typescript and am wondering if it's possible to use ES6 promises in Typescript and what I would have to do to get them to work. I'm running node 0.11.14 and am getting an error during compilation "Cannot find name 'Promise'"

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The current lib.d.ts doesn't have promises in it defined so you need a extra definition file for it that is why you are getting compilation errors.

You could for example use (like @elclanrs says) use the es6-promise package with the definition file from DefinitelyTyped: es6-promise definition

You can then use it like this:

var p = new Promise<string>((resolve, reject) => { 
    resolve('a string'); 

edit You can use it without a definition when targeting ES6 (with the TypeScript compiler) - Note you still require the Promise to exists in the runtime ofcourse (so it won't work in old browsers :)) Add/Edit the following to your tsconfig.json :

"compilerOptions": {
    "target": "ES6"
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