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GCM "upgraded" to FCM

It seems to no longer be possible to enable the gcm api for new apps. If I'm using parse-server as a BaaS which requires gcm to push notifications out on Android side and I can no longer do that because fcm breaks that implementation. What now? I believe this is Google's way of pushing developers off of parse-server and into the arms of Firebase. Is it in fact possible to use fcm with parse-server or am I going to have to use a different push provider and implement parse-server's pushadapter?

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Sending fcm message requires same setup for push as gcm on parse-server. Be sure to use serverApiKey and senderId from firebase console in settings. Also be sure to add

    <meta-data android:name="com.parse.push.gcm_sender_id"
        android:value="id:senderId" />

At the bottom of manifest and note that gcm_sender_id is the same as fcm senderId

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