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SQL Question

how to select sepecific email domain from email column

I have CUST_TBL with one of the column are EMAIL and USER_ID.

I have many records in CUST_TBL, but I only want to show the record which have specific email domain (like and user with USER_ID = 'SYSADMIN1'.

I have tried this query

select substr(email,INSTR(email,''))
from corp_usr
where user_id = 'SYSADMIN1';

But it only shows the email column (I want all column but only with those filter) and still shows the email that's not

What is the correct query for this?


Just use the INSTR() in the WHERE clause :

select * from  corp_usr 
where user_id = 'SYSADMIN1'
  AND INSTR(email,'') > 0;