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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How do I loop through a PropertyCollection

Can anyone provide an example of how to loop through a System.DirectoryServices.PropertyCollection and output the property name and value?

I am using C#.

@JaredPar - The PropertyCollection does not have a Name/Value property. It does have a PropertyNames and Values, type System.Collection.ICollection. I do not know the basline object type that makes up the PropertyCollection object.

@JaredPar again - I originally mislabeled the question with the wrong type. That was my bad.

Update: Based on Zhaph - Ben Duguid input, I was able to develop the following code.

using System.Collections;
using System.DirectoryServices;

public void DisplayValue(DirectoryEntry de)
if(de.Children != null)
foreach(DirectoryEntry child in de.Children)
PropertyCollection pc = child.Properties;
IDictionaryEnumerator ide = pc.GetEnumerator();
PropertyValueCollection pvc = ide.Entry.Value as PropertyValueCollection;

Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Name: {0}", ide.Entry.Key.ToString()));
Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Value: {0}", pvc.Value));

Answer Source

The PropertyCollection has a PropertyName collection - which is a collection of strings (see PropertyCollection.Contains and PropertyCollection.Item both of which take a string).

You can usually call GetEnumerator to allow you to enumerate over the collection, using the usual enumeration methods - in this case you'd get an IDictionary containing the string key, and then an object for each item/values.

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