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How do I select an element with multiple classes in order

I want to select all the elements that have two classes, a and b, in that order.

<element class="a b">

When I use $(".a + .b") I get elements with both classes in either order. I need only those elements with class = "a b" and not class = "b a". I have the same problem when I use javascript's getElementsByClassName.

Note: The reason I have to specify the order is that some of the divs in my document have class = "a b" and some have "b a" . . . I only want to select those with "a b". The document is not structured elegantly but that's not in my control.

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If those elements have no other classes, you can select them by attribute

$('[class="a b"]')

There's also the attributes-starts-with, and -ends-with selector, and the attribute-contains selector, that would pick up the elements even if they did have more classes

$('[class*="a b"]')

note : this would also match ...class="what a bad idea"

Plain JS supports the attribute selectors in querySelector[All]

But this is a bad idea, it shouldn't matter what order the classes are in, and if it does, you're doing something wrong.

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