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Python Question

PyOpenGl or pyglet?

I am looking to do some tinkering with openGL and Python and haven't been able to find good reasons for using PyOpenGl versus pyglet

Which would you recommend and why?

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As Tony said, this is really going to depend on your goals. If you're "tinkering" to try to learn about OpenGL or 3D rendering in general that I would dispense with all pleasantries and start working with PyOpenGL, which is as close are you're going to get to "raw" 3D programming using Python.

On the other hand, if you're "tinkering" by way of mocking up a game or multimedia application, or trying to learn about programming practices in general than Pyglet will save you lots of up-front development time by providing hooks for input events, sounds, text/billboarding, etc. Often, this up-front investment is what prevents people from completing their projects, so having it done for you is not something to be ignored. (It is also very Pythonic to avoid reinventing the wheel.)

If you are looking to do any sort of heavy-duty lifting (which normally falls outside my definition of "tinkering", but maybe not if you're tinkering with 3D engine design) then you might want to take a look at Python-Ogre, which wraps the very full-featured and robust OGRE 3D graphics engine.

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