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Open in "(null)"? dialog in iOS 9

So I'm trying to add a custom URL scheme to my app. Everything works. The confusing part is that when a user gets redirected it puts up a dialog box that says:

Open in "(null)"?

I can't figure out why it says null and not the name of the app. The only other spot I've been able to see this issue mentioned is here:

'Open this page in "null"' Modal appearing from FacebookSDK login after iOS9 and Swift 2 upgrade

but that talks about updating to the latest SDK. It does mention whitelisting the scheme which I tried doing using LSApplicationQueriesSchemes but that doesn't seem to fix it either.

Answer Source

So in my case it ended up being that the following had gotten added to my Info.plist:


Either removing this key or giving it a non empty string value fixes the issue and causes it to give: Open in "name of app"?.

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