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iOS Question

Open in "(null)"? dialog in iOS 9

So I'm trying to add a custom URL scheme to my app. Everything works. The confusing part is that when a user gets redirected it puts up a dialog box that says:

Open in "(null)"?

I can't figure out why it says null and not the name of the app. The only other spot I've been able to see this issue mentioned is here:

'Open this page in "null"' Modal appearing from FacebookSDK login after iOS9 and Swift 2 upgrade

but that talks about updating to the latest SDK. It does mention whitelisting the scheme which I tried doing using LSApplicationQueriesSchemes but that doesn't seem to fix it either.


So in my case it ended up being that the following had gotten added to my Info.plist:


Either removing this key or giving it a non empty string value fixes the issue and causes it to give: Open in "name of app"?.