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Javascript Question

how to scroll down|up animatedly in jquery css?

Basically I've a

element which on click get to execute:

<a href="#" class="hel" onclick="YPCP1_();">Scroll down</a>


function YPCP_(){
var scroll = $(window).scrollTop();
window.scrollTo(0, 600);

The function works fine and scroll down to
just fine. The problem is that it directly jumps to position
but I want it to slide down. something like
slide down and get to position 600 in 6sec

Hope that do not make any confusion and Thanks in Advance ( '_' )

Answer Source

You're looking for the jQuery animate() method (http://api.jquery.com/animate/).

You set the scrollTop position you want to end with and the time it will take to reach it. Something like this:

    scrollTop: "+=" + 600
  }, 6000);

I've made a little fiddle so you can check out the whole concept: https://jsfiddle.net/L6uuve70/10/

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