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Converting floats to and displaying Binary Numbers in C

So I'm just diving into C during my first few days of classes. My professor proposed a question/ more of a challenge for us so I thought I'd propose it here.

float x,y,z;
x = 0.0;
y = 1.0;
z = -2.5;

He wanted us to display these numbers in binary and hexadecimal without using
etc. He also hinted to use a union:

union U {
float y;
unsigned z;

Thank you for your time in advance. I'm just looking for help/ an explanation on how to develop such conversion.

Answer Source

I think what you're professor is trying to do, is to use the float to store the actual floating point, and then convert it to an integer using the union. Once you figure out how to convert it into an integer (using the union), then it's just a matter of converting the unsigned integer into a binary number. To do the conversion from float to int is quite easy

union U {
  float y;
  unsigned z;
void function() 
   Union U uFloatToInteger; 
   uFloatToInteger.y = 6.7; // store the float
   uFloatToInteger.z// need to convert this to a binary number
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