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Vendor:Publish - Nothing to publish for tag [] - Only on production server

I am using a third party library and locally, I installed everything using the steps that they provided.

  1. I ran
    composer require
    on the package and ran an update. This installed into the

  2. I then added the path into the
    and also as an aliases..

  3. I ran
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\LaravelAnalytics\LaravelAnalyticsServiceProvider"
    the config file created successfully and I had no problems.

  4. I then uploaded to the production environment and kept on getting
    Class 'LaravelAnalytics' not found
    and I can't seem to figure out the problem..

  5. I ran
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\LaravelAnalytics\LaravelAnalyticsServiceProvider"

But I kept on getting:
Nothing to publish for tag [].
which has lead me to thinking that this could be the problem since the package is not published.

My local environment is Ubuntu and my production Environment is CentOS.. If I try to CD into that directory on my production environment it says cannot find.

Could this therefore be a problem with the case sensitive on how I am adding my providers that is not picking up this package?

Answer Source

are you using cached config files ? try using

php artisan config:clear

and retry

php artisan vendor:publish
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