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Cant access an object property in laravel

I am getting results from a database in a controller and storing them as objects in an array

$roleSentinel = Sentinel::findRoleByName($role);
$permisssionsName = array_keys($roleSentinel['permissions']);
$permissions = array();

foreach ($permisssionsName as $permiso) {
$permissions[] = DB::table('sec_permission')->where('name', '=',$permiso)->get();

return view('menu', ['role' => $role,'permisos' => $permisos]);

an object would be like


So then in the view I am trying to get the values and printing them

@foreach ($permisos as $permiso)
@foreach ($permiso->name as $name)

however I am getting
Undefined property: Illuminate\Support\Collection::$name

Answer Source

Each variable in the array is an array of objects. There's two ways you can go about it.

Add another foreach:

@foreach ($permisos as $permiso)

    @foreach ($permiso as $perm)
        @foreach ($perm->name as $name)

Or get one full collection with all of the names:

$permissionsName = array_keys($roleSentinel['permissions']);

$permissions = DB::table('sec_permission')->whereIn('name',$permissionsName)->get();
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