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AppleScript Question

Logic not working with List items in Applescript

This is a very strange problem I could not understand it, the code is very clear as you can see, I don't know if I am tired or could not see something... please tell me why I am getting False as a result, while it should be True, I have a list with one item and it is the exact one in the variable

property forbidenFolders : {"/Volumes/USERS/"}
set ff to "/Volumes/USERS/" as text
my isForbidenFolder(ff)
on isForbidenFolder(SelectedFolder)
repeat with i in forbidenFolders
log "forbiden folders: " & i
log "actual folder : " & SelectedFolder
if i = SelectedFolder then
log "this folder is forbiden"
return true
end if
end repeat
log "NOT forbiden"
return false
end isForbidenFolder

result here

enter image description here

Answer Source

That's the reference trap.

The syntax repeat with item in list iterates thru the list with references e.g. a reference to item 1 of list, a reference to item 2 of list etc. rather than the item itself.

To be able to check for equality you have to dereference the item using contents of

if contents of i = SelectedFolder then
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