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When pressing enter on popup the submit buttons on landing page gets triggered

I have a page with two submit buttons which also opens up a popup (id : addPopup) having another submit button. Whenever Enter is pressed on the popup the first submit button on the landing page is triggered, however I want to invoke the button on the popup instead.
This is the code for the Submit button on popup:

<a4j:commandButton id="continueButton" styleClass="btn btn-primary"
render="menuPanel addSection addOptionsPanel"
oncomplete="if(#{empty facesContext.messageList})#{rich:component('addPopup')}.hide();"
disabled="#{empty optionsController.addParcelId and empty optionsController.addGridReference}" />

I have tried using richfaces hotkey, but it doesn't work and the page gets submitted

<rich:hotKey selector="#addPopup" enabledInInput="true" key="return" preventDefault="true"/>

Also have tried using

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).bind('keydown', 'Return', function(e){
key = e.keyCode;
if(key == 13){
var continueBtn = document.getElementById('continueButton'));;


but this does not work either. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or any other approach that might work?

Answer Source

I managed to handle the enter key by using this script:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).bind('keydown', 'Return', function(e){
        key  = e.keyCode;
        if(key == 13){  // Enter key pressed
            // Get button binding from backing bean.        
            var continueBtn = document.getElementById("#{optionsController.continueButton.clientId}");                 
            return false;

Also added the binding for the continueButton in the backing bean, along with getter and setter

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