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C++ Question

why auto doesn't detect reference type of function

I made a class with method, which returns reference to member (not good encapsulation). I'm using auto for retuned funtion

class classA
classA(classA & rhs)
cout<<"copy constr A"<<endl;
classA() = default;

class classB
classA obA;
classA& getRefA(){return obA;}

int main()
classB obB;

auto ob = obB.getRefA();

The result is
copy constr A

I understand that auto don't detect reference from function. Is auto detecting only the type without reference?

Answer Source

auto just by itself doesn't infer reference types. You can use auto& if you explicitly need a lvalue reference, or auto&& to use the reference collapsing rules for type inference.

If you need the type of an expression, use decltype. Keep in mind that there is a difference between decltype(x) and decltype((x)) -- the latter preserves references.

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