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Javascript Question

How to find the length of a JSON object

var legend=[{"min":0,


I'd like to find out each object's property count. E.g. the first 3 objects have 3 properties and 4th one has 4 props, etc.

Answer Source

Iterate over the array and get object property names count.

var legend = [{
  "min": 0,
  "max": 'first_color',
  "color": "#1a9850"
}, {
  "min": 'first_color',
  "max": 'sec_color',
  "color": "#fee08b"
}, {
  "min": 'sec_color',
  "max": 'thrd_color',
  "color": "#ff3300"
}, {
  "min": 'thrd_color',
  "max": 'frth_color',
  "color": "#d73027",
  "Abc": "gsfg"

var res = {
  return Object.keys(v).length;


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